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Why ManuFest?

Because the cool career possibilities in America's new manufacturing boom shouldn't be a secret anymore! Think great salaries, a killer job market, and career paths that range from engineering to management to welding. Think the latest technology, green innovations, 3-D printing. Think Apple, Nike, Google.

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Manufacturing Careers

Why would we host an event dedicated to careers in manufacturing?

Simple. Manufacturing employers have jobs. Lots of good, high-quality, well-compensated jobs. And they need talented, qualified people to fill them!
Pursue a career in manufacturing and YOU could be the one in demand... and you might even be sent to college.

Manufacturing Myths vs. Facts

Myth #1: There are no jobs in manufacturing today. American manufacturing died years ago.

Fact #1: American manufacturing has come back strong, and in many areas there's a severe shortage of skilled, talented employees.

Myth #2: Working in manufacturing is a greasy, grimy job.

Fact #2: Much of today's manufacturing happens in pristine facilities, using state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Myth #3: Manufacturing is only for people who are good with their hands.

Fact #3: Think about the smartphone you're holding. Not only did someone have to build it, someone had to design it. Someone had to program it. Someone had to market it, package it, and coordinate the logistics for distributing it. Today's manufacturing requires highly trained, talented employees, and the career paths in manufacturing include a huge range of possibilities.

Myth #4: There's no money in manufacturing.

Fact #4: No money? No way! The average manufacturing employee earned $77,506 in pay and benefits in 2013. That's almost $15,000 more than employees averaged in all industries.

Myth #5: Students have to go to college right after high school and then get jobs.

Fact #5: Manufacturers have realized that in order to attract the best and brightest, they need to offer opportunities to grow which include sending employees to college.

About today's manufacturing careers

Did you know that manufacturing accounts for 75% of all private-sector research and development in the U.S.? Or that there's a Pennsylvania furniture manufacturer with dozens of pieces in the Museum of Modern Art?

From biotech to green chemistry, custom-made products to 3-D printing, today's manufacturing is a far cry from the smoke stacks and assembly lines you probably imagine.

Join us at ManuFest to discover a world full of career possibilities.

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