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Why ManuFest?

Because the cool career possibilities in America's new manufacturing boom shouldn't be a secret anymore! Think great salaries, a killer job market, and career paths that range from engineering to management to welding. Think the latest technology, green innovations, 3-D printing. Think Apple, Nike, Google.

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Who Should Attend

Think manufacturing is just for people who like to work with their hands? That there's no place for creative-types, environmentalists, or computer lovers? Think again. Today's manufacturing industries need everyone from accountants to welders. Learn more about the possibilities at ManuFest!

Parents... did you know that your child can get a job in manufacturing AND go to college?

Did you know that many manufacturers have clean, air-conditioned facilities?

High school students

Middle & High School Students

Are you exploring your options for an exciting career? Trying to figure out what your next step should be? Want to learn about the education or training you need to land a great job? Then ManuFest is for you!



Would you like to know that your child has the best job opportunities, whether he or she goes to college or chooses not to? Are you wondering if your college investment is going to pay off?



Do you want to learn about the latest fields and careers awaiting your students? Are you looking to make connections between classroom learning and the real-life skills needed in today's workplace? Do you need to provide your students with accurate and current career advice? Then ManuFest is for you!



Do you want to connect with your future workforce? Are you interested in sharing your own career path with the next generation? Would you like to show the community the products your company makes right here in the region? Then ManuFest is for you!

Manufacturers, please register here to attend.

We hope you'll join us and discover the incredible world of manufacturing!

Please note: Everyone MUST register to attend this event!